Love Letter - OST (by Remedios)

01. His Smile
02. Childhood Days
03. Flow in the Wind
04. Letter of No Return
05. Pen Friend
06. Forgive Me
07. Fading
08. Frozen Summer
09. The Flight
10. He Loves You So
11. A Winter Story
12. Eccentric Love Parade
13. Soil of His Tears
14. Gate Way to Heaven
15. Small Happiness

Reviewed by AsianMovieWeb

"Love Letter" has been granted a very relaxing, oftentimes melancholic, but always dreamy and sweet soundtrack. This score, which is mainly carried by strings and a piano, gives you the image of a tranquil winter landscape to dream about, and always manages to bestow a certain inner warmth upon the listener. The fact that the movie is about love set free from worldly bonds is also expressed in the music. The different themes aren't just your standard instrumental love ballads, but pieces that draw a picture of love. Being in love with love itself, the longing for love in its truest form, that's what it's about. Remedios composes melodies that will go right to your heart and which you won't forget so soon. In addition, the soundtrack seems to be made as one single piece and stands out because of its very fluent qualities.

The CD begins with a rather saddening track, that is played by a piano and is accompanied in the background by some synthesizer sounds. Remedios' style, as well as the name, may remind us of "Vangelis" at first, which is mainly because of the strong use of synthesizers, but soon we realize that Remedios is completely building on its own style and manages to enchant you with relaxing melodies. Luckily, the extreme use of recognizable synthesizer sounds never gets as apparent as in the first track "His Smile", which provokes feelings of light sorrow and yearning with its melancholic and heavy tunes.

"Childhood Day", on the other hand, seems a lot more cheerful with its waltz-like rhythm, yet never loses sight of this CD's special dreamy character. "Flow in the Wind" is a very nice piano piece, that soon becomes very appealing with its fast tunes and gets a fitting backup by strings.

The motif of "Sweet Rumors", that also depicts one of the film's main themes and which we will come across in some of the other tracks too, will give you a certain feeling of contentedness, without it refraining from conveying emotions of longing, also. At first, the tunes are brought to us by some piano play, until it gets presented by an acoustic guitar up to where it fades into the theme of "Childhood Day". "Forgive Me" is once again one of those pieces that rely on its string sounds, and which, with its warm tunes, takes us deeper and deeper into this winter tale.

"Fading", despite its short running time of merely one minute and a few seconds, is one of my favorite tracks, as the string sounds with its many pausings set the stage for a grandiosely sad and melancholic piano motif, that always manages to give me goosebumps. The fading into "Frozen Summer" is very well done, also, which brings us to a title, that is solely played by a piano and can excite with its fast, complex and wistful melody. The more this piece progresses, the better and more beautiful it gets.

"He loves You So" is an acoustic guitar piece that is maybe the most warm and gentle song of the CD. With its tranquil and soothing tunes it is just the right song to dream the day away sitting on the veranda on a summer's day, or when watching the snow-covered landscape outside the window while sitting in your cozy, warm home. "A Winter Story" delivers a melody we are already familiar with, until the strings get into the foreground and, along with a piano, present a very enchanting melody full of hope, only to drift away into more melancholic realms again. To please those who like songs with more upbeat character there is "Eccentric Love Parade", even though the piece still sticks to the main mood of the soundtrack. "Small Happiness" is the CDs last track and provides a good finale, with a delightful piano piece, that is supported by some strings midway through and concentrates the bittersweet, as well as yearninglike and dreamy mood of the OST very well in one single track.

"Love Letter" is a wonderfully atmospheric soundtrack for those who like to relax and love to daydream while listening to music. The melancholic style of the score is getting some more aspects to it by some motifs full of hope and longing, and thus always succeeds in providing the listener with a warm feeling. The diverse and soon to be recognized tunes are very melodic and appealing, so that you will find yourself listening to this soundtrack often, even if its just running in the background. This is also because of its very fluent character. If you like quiet and soothing, as well as melancholic soundtracks full of warmth, then you really should get this OST. Even the more as this CD is available at a very fair price. A great score to relax and dream the day away!