Oh, don't be afraid! It is not that difficult to follow the rules. It is for interest, do you remember?

* You must love Love Letter no matter the movie  or any characters of it. If you do not like anything of this movie, do not join.

* You need to have a valid email address. Although I will not email any confirmation but I still need your email address in case I have to contact you.

* You do not need to have a website, but if you have one, you have to grab a CODE and place a link to here. (If I can't find my link in your site, I still will add your membership but sorry no www link will be added.)

* You have to fill out all the required fields on the apply form except for the webpage field if you don't have one, otherwise, I can't add you.

* Please only vote for your most favorite character of Love Letter, I only will take your first stated one in the poll. And it is better let me know which one of Itsuki Fujii is if you choose this character. You know, there are male and female Itsuki Fujii, and also young and mature of female Itsuki Fujii. Let me state an example: I would like to choose Female Young Itsuki Fujii. :)

Not that harsh, right? Wanna to JOIN now?