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This page allows you to choose a skin for this site, according to your preferences. Just Click on the skin you wish to change into. Hover over the screenshots to see a few notes on the skin.

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Film in Black, designed in Sep 15 Film in White, designed in Sep 15 Running on the Snow in Nov 09 (revamped for phpsiteskin) At a glance, designed in Dec 09

Meanwhile, I also would like to show you the previous layouts before using phpsiteskin:

Time: July 2004

Idea: My first impression relates to Love Letter is snow and moody. Therefore, I use the blue and white colors as the main theme. Using iframe to present the layout.

November 2009 has started to use phpsiteskin

Layout: Running on the Snow

Time: November 2009

Idea: My site has been hacked in Dec 2008. And when I tidied up all the files, I found that the love letter layout encountered some problems when using firefox. Also, I had switched to use phpsiteskin for other sites which I thought it was a good script to present for different layouts. So, I decided to revamp the site and layout design to fit to this script. "Running on the Snow" is the revamped layout of the original layout.

Layout: At a Glance

Time: December 2009

Idea: After the revamp, I have realized that I have not designed layouts for this site for 5 years. So, I decided to make something new. I think "At a Glance" is a classic scene in Love Letter. And I like it very much too.

Layout: At a Glance (refreshed)

Time: September 2015

Idea: Mainly changed font setting and background colour. That yellow colour is too sharp, turned to brown.

Layout: Film in White

Time: September 2015

Idea: As it is too long without a new layout and I really want the site to have a new look, so a handy layout has been created under the limited source of screencaps on the internet. The japanese wordings at the footer is the question Hiroko Watanabe asked Itsuki Fujii at the foot of the Mountain in the movie.

Layout: Film in Black

Time: September 2015

Idea: After refreshing the existing layouts, I have noticed that all of them are mainly in white or light background. An idea has just come out when checking the new layout, film. It is easy to create a twin with black background.